Counseling can help you thrive and be your best self. Reach out today and let me help you begin your journey.

You’re here because you are feeling stuck, frustrated and worried. Maybe you grew up in a difficult environment and some of those memories follow you today. You feel misunderstood, overwhelmed, and alone in your struggles. I’m guessing you’re tired of worrying, exhausted of the back-and-fourth in your thoughts, and are ready to finally feel like you are in control of your life.

You are ready to feel confident, free, balanced, and loved.


I became a therapist because I know how hard it is to overcome anxiety and personal struggles, and I care about helping you break free from these patterns. I believe that therapy helps. I believe that you are strong enough to do the work and to grow from where you are now. I believe that people should feel free and confident every day. In a nutshell, I believe that it is possible to thrive.

I know that anxiety is overwhelming and intrusive on our lives, it’s constant and seems to keep us from feeling confident in ourselves. I get it. I also know how to help you overcome what you are going through. I will help you understand where it is coming from, how it is affecting you, and how you can work through it. It’s not about managing it, it’s about stopping it in it’s tracks and growing from it.  

Working in the field of mental health for over a decade has helped me understand that we have a choice in living with anxiety. I have seen numerous success stories and have been witness to the wonderful effects therapy has on helping people find peace in an otherwise difficult world.

Things are overwhelming now, they don’t always have to be that way.

Call now to take the first step towards a better you.


More about Stefanie:

I am a Nationally Certified Counselor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. I have been working the this field for over a decade and have experience working with clients of all different ages, from birth to over 100. I have specialized training in both maternal mental health counseling and couples counseling. I am Level 1 Trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which is a research-based approach to help couples overcome their barriers.

My training started in San Fransisco where I received my undergraduate degree and worked in a research clinic for patients with ADHD, behavioral and attention issues. My training continued in Florida at Nova Southeastern University where I specialized in mental health counseling and received my Master's Degree.

I am also a Certified Specialist in Psychometry and have worked in clinical settings administering, scoring, and reporting psychological and neuropsychological assessments.

I take a cognitive behavioral approach that is rooted in attachment. What this means is we will dig down to find the root cause of where struggles began, identify how these patterns resemble patterns from past situations or relationships, and determine the meaning behind your desire for change. We will get in the habit of identifying harmful thought patterns that are maintaining the feelings you don’t like and gradually shift these thought patterns towards healthy ones. You will be challenged, supported, and encouraged throughout the process. Change will happen and you will feel better…

Here’s to you as you begin this journey towards thriving ~

Stefanie Swift, LMHC, NCC, CSP