Adolescent and Family Counseling


Parenting your teen doesn’t have to be a struggle any longer. Let counseling help you and your teen find balance today.

You are here because you want something more for your teen and for your family. You love your teen and just want them to be happy, but for some reason you don’t see this in them. You see them shutting down, worrying too much, closed off from the rest of the family, always on their phone, getting upset at you or other family members more than usual… you just don’t see them thriving into teenhood the way you had imagined.

You might be reaching out for help with your teen because …

  • You notice changes in your teens mood

  • Your teen doesn’t seem as happy as they once were

  • Your teen is struggling with self-esteem and when you try to bring it up they shut down

  • Your teen has experienced a recent traumatic event

  • Your teen is having trouble keeping with with school even though school used to be pretty easy for them

  • You notice your teen worries a lot

  • Maybe your teen recently lost a close family member or friend

  • Your family recently moved and you notice they are not adjusting as quickly as you had hoped

  • You have started to notice that your relationship with your teen has changed and you just don’t get along as well as you used to

  • The open, close communication you used to have with your teen is different now

  • You notice your teen is much more stressed about about everything in their life and you want to help them get control over it

  • You want to help your teen talk about divorce or separation

I'm sure you have tried everything you know to help your child make changes and maybe you feel frustrated and saddened by the lack of consistent progress. You’re afraid that if you don’t try something different to help them things might take a turn for the worst. Rest assured that it won't be this way forever and you all will get through these stages. Let me help you and your family make the changes you need in order to help you thrive.

Tips for talking to your teen about counseling:


Be open and encouraging

If you’re here wondering if counseling is right for your teen chances are you are struggling with them at home or they are struggling in their personal life. Don’t worry if your teen doesn’t want to go to counseling, that’s normal.

  • Encourage them to go for a few sessions, then allow them to decide if they want to continue

  • Before the first session have your teen write down a few things they think would be helpful for me to know about them and bring this in

  • Try not to question them about each session, they will share their thoughts with you as they become more comfortable with the process

  • We talk about sensitive topics when we are together, you can help prepare your teen by telling them we may be talking about things that they don’t usually talk about

Counseling for Parents

Many times I work with parents to help them understand the changes that are taking place in their child or teen, and build parenting skills that work effectively. We work on parenting strategies as well as anything that the parent might be struggling with individually that is impacting the parenting process. Frequently I will see both the teen and the parents during separate sessions so that we can build on each session and move towards consistent progress quickly. We will fill in family session pretty quickly thereafter.

It’s time your family started thriving. Reach out and get the help you need for your family.

Sometimes it really does take a village.

For more information about therapy for your teen or family, or to schedule an appointment, click the link below and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. Click today and help your family move from surviving to thriving!