Individual Counseling


Step into a new you today and see how counseling and help you grow

Counseling is about opening up to yourself and finding your inner voice. This can be quite powerful and freeing when done in a safe, comfortable, and collaborative space. Often times having someone to talk through stressors, frustrations, disappointments, and excitements with can bring about lifelong changes that move you towards a more meaningful direction.

Counseling can help you manage a number of things, some common reasons people reach out for help are …

  • Big changes going on in your life

  • Changes in your mood

  • You are not happy with the way you have been feeling

  • You don’t feel like your relationships are going the way you want them to

  • You have lost a loved one

  • Maybe you moved to a new place and are having a hard time settling in

  • It’s the holidays and the stress is overwhelming

  • Work stress consumes you

  • Worries and thoughts about worries overwhelm you

  • You just feel stuck and can’t find the motivation to get going again

  • Things from your past keep popping up and you have a hard time moving past them

  • You have experienced some things in your past that you don’t like or that make you feel sad/angry

  • Maybe you are experiencing a life transition and need some help finding your balance again


find comfort in knowing you are not alone

You can get through whatever it is you are going through right now. We all go through bumps in the road and sometimes we just need a little and support to continue down our journey.

Often times people wonder how counseling works. It’s quite fluid, actually, and goes at a pace with which you feel comfortable. I will be here to listen, to encourage, and to push you to meet your goals. Together we will find a schedule that works for you and helps you stay moving in the right direction.

Many people find themselves ambivalent about getting help and talking to someone about their private thoughts. The truth is that sharing your story, your experience, your inner world with someone can be quite liberating and freeing. Many clients find that when they speak in here and do work in between sessions they begin to see things in a different way. They feel happy, free, and excited about continuing their journey.

You’re here for a reason. You want to feel better. And I can help.

Call or email today and let’s make this first step in the right direction now.

You can work through what you are feeling and reach your greatest potential