Depression Counseling


Don’t let your depression define you, let counseling help you…

Are you feeling tired and unmotivated? Is it difficult to get moving in the morning? Have you lost interest in things or people that once gave you joy? Depression is something many of us experience and feel stuck in as time goes on. Sometimes these feelings are brought on environmentally (divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, etc.) and sometimes these feelings pop-up out of nowhere.

You may be thinking and feeling …

  • You feel sad, tearful, empty and hopeless

  • You feel worthless and are plagued with guilt, often focusing on failures from the past and self-blame

  • You find yourself having angry outbursts with others, you are more irritable and easily frustrated

  • Your eating patterns have changed, you may have either gained or lost weight without trying

  • You have lost interest or pleasure in things that you once enjoyed like hobbies, sports or sex

  • You find yourself either sleeping too much or too little

  • You are tired and lack energy to keep going throughout the day

  • You feel anxious for no reason and are agitated with others

  • You feel like your thinking is in slow motion

  • You have a hard time thinking clearly, concentrating on normal tasks, making decisions is overwhelming and your memory fails you

  • Maybe you feel like you just don’t want to be here any more

  • You have body aches and headaches that are unexplained

If this sounds like you now is the time to start talking with someone who can help you feel better. Life does not always have to be this way. Together we will find the root cause of your depression and get to work re-training your brain to think about life in a different way. Many times our automatic thoughts trick us into thinking in the same pattern every day, my goal is to help you jump off that track and develop a more balanced one. It sounds difficult, I know, but with a little support and guidance anything is possible.

If you are interested in overcoming your depression and want to feel better you are in the right place. Together we can make the lasting changes you need to finally be at peace with yourself.